GAYE ADEGBALOLA returns with some WILD RŪTZ!

VizzTone proudly presents the exciting new project from the unstoppable creative force known as Gaye Adegbalola!  

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      Gaye Adegbalola & The Wild Rūtz (pronounced ROOTS) is an a Capella blues quartet complemented by percussion and occasional guitar. Gaye continues her signature “Saffire sassiness” and topical commentary in her songwriting on this CD of all original songs. Gaye’s songs, as always, reflect her left-of-center sense of humor, her love of life and deep commitment to social activism including feminism, gay rights, and personal liberation. Though the Wild Rutz often draw comparisons to Sweet Honey in the Rock, their repertoire is decidedly different. In this world of screaming electrified instrumental acrobatics and digital perfectionism, this group of seasoned activist musicians delights in returning to their RUTZ!  This album celebrates the Creator’s primary instruments: THE VOICE and THE BEATS. Four unique voices combine with select rhythmic backup to add a previously unrecorded dimension to the blues. Gaye Adegbalola, The Rutz’ amazing front woman, is a multi Music Award winner and a founding member of Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women (1984-2009). Gaye plays guitar, harmonica and is best known for her profound songwriting. As of 2014, her discography includes 10 CDs released by Alligator Records as well as featured tracks on several Alligator compilations and the Hot Toddy/VizzTone CD, GAYE WITHOUT SHAME. Gaye has released 5 CDs on her own label, Hot Toddy Music, and is featured in 3 DVDs including the recently released “The Old Black Dyke Show”. The other members of the group – Tanyah CottonGloria Jackson, M.D., and Marta Fuentes– have extensive and varied musical credentials, including decades of work with other brilliant musicians in a multitude of genres. Aside from their musical talents, these women are historians, healers, activists and visionaries   WildRutz.pr_photo.WEB  

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