Bienvenue à Muddy Gurdy !

Muddy Gurdy is the brainchild of a French trio named Hypnotic Wheels, based around the hurdy-gurdy (a classic hand-cranked, stringed instrument which is a kind of string section in a box), and deeply inspired by the blues of North Mississippi hill country. The adventurous trio traveled from France to Mississippi last year, and produced an amazing album of incredible new music – all field recordings, including collaborations with the descendants of Hill Country Blues royalty: Shardé Thomas, Cedric Burnside, Cameron Kimbrough, and Pat Thomas.

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  Used as a second guitar, the hurdy gurdy sounds like an African violin, with dense, rotating notes marrying this lascivious-aggressive North Mississippi blues… threatening, chaotic and sexy, this album is incredibly good, at the high level of the best heirs of the blues”                           — Stephane Deschamps, Incorrocktible

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