Ann Rabson

The VizzTone label group proudly welcomes our good friend Ann Rabson to the family!  On her latest, Ann delivers a new and satisfying recording of her favorite Blues songs, singing and playing piano with her usual soulful good humor. She is accompanied by Bob Margolin on guitar, who sings 3 songs out of the 12. Ann has always charmed her devoted fans with her solo and band shows and recordings over a performing career that goes back to the 1960s. For 25 years she was in the legendary and beloved Saffire –The Uppity Blues Women. She has been nominated for 9 Blues Music Awards, and is loved by fans around the globe.  Ann and Bob Margolin have been friends since 1987, when they met at an early Saffire show in North Carolina. Bob has recorded and toured worldwide since he left Muddy Waters’ band in 1980. For over two decades, Ann and Bob have worked together on shows and recordings. Not Alone is the ultimate expression of their friendship and collaboration. “People who don’t know better imagine the blues is always sad, but that’s not true. There are happy, nasty, good-time blues that make you feel good, and sad blues that make you feel like you’re not alone.  It’s not even that simple, though.  There’s a whole pantheon of subjects for the blues.  This recording contains some songs I wanted to set down for the future…”   — Ann Rabson  

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