Michael Bram

Michael Bram Music   Michael “Leroy” Bram, currently on tour as the drummer with Grammy award-winner Jason Mraz, is also a singer, guitarist, harmonica player,  songwriter, and more… a deeply diverse creative force.  With this album, Suitcase in The Hall,  Michael has joined forces with Dave Gross to create a production team with an original sound, and an album of classic and original Blues, Country and American Roots Music. “It’s hard to describe the level of creativity, ingenuity and excitement that Michael Bram breathes into every aspect of his art. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him on this album. From the onset of preproduction, it was about the most painless, fun and educational experience I can remember having. Michael is a guy who just gets IT. We share the same taste in records, sounds, musicians and instruments, as well as all of the weird stuff that flies under the radar. For this reason, coming up with a concept for what we wanted the record to be was easy: textures, ambience and depth swimming around well crafted original and well chosen cover songs. Oh, and tremolo guitar…LOTS of tremolo guitar. I am incredibly honored to have been a part of this project, because it takes you through a wide range of the music we both deeply love, and does so with the sincerity and passion that Michael embodies. This album is full of something we are truly proud of, and hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating it.”   — Dave Gross “Original arrangements and songwriting, a fresh take on raw Blues and classic Country, fine singing and playing, irony, honesty, clever production, warm clarity and open-hearted humanity -- and like a good story, I couldn’t guess what he’d do next.”   — Bob Margolin "With his latest studio effort, Bram continues his exploration of American Roots music with a newly ambitious sound and a wider stylistic scope.  SUITCASE IN THE HALL  marks Bram's debut with the VizzTone label group and his first album co-produced by blues-guitar phenom Dave Gross.  With Gross' assistance the drummer-turned-bluesman has managed to capture a vibe that, like recent T-Bone Burnett productions, beautifully straddles the line between farm fresh and dust-covered classic.  Over twelve tracks, Bram takes listeners on an audible road trip from Chicago through the Deep South with an itinerary that includes New Orleans-flavored jazz, lonesome country ballads and an assortment of multi-regional blues tones.  The result is a diverse blend of foots-driven music that is likely to satisfy everyone from blues lover to the country fanatic."  — J. Blake, American Blues News